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22 May 2010

Today we returned to Sarlat. Saturdays are the largest market in the area, with much more than food..artists, snacky food sellers, clothing, ronco knife choppers and every variety of sales person you can think of. All of the winding streets and small plazas in the heart of Sarlat are filled with booths packed side by side. We split up in varying combinations for a few hours and managed to drop some good money.

Sarlat Cave Bear
Waiting for Mama to Look at Clothes

New Wheels for the Car

Look for Ruby....

The afternoon laid on top of us like that post shopping daze when you can hardly move. The little boys splashed in the pool as I lay on a sunchair going in and out of a delirious heat-induced nap. Ruby and Henry watched their downloaded movie for the thousandth time. Finally, we roused ourselves for a lovely little appetizer

Three Salami (Blue cheese/Porc/Spiced) and majorly stinky sheep's cheese with Onion grass

and then dinner of roast chicken with white asparagus, garlic, thyme, gobs of butter and fresh beans from the market. The day finished with a long walk along the Ceou, with Ruby screaming if a bug got too close to her face and Henry biting my arm. The little ones had one last dip, including the stuffed bear.

Tomorrow we are headed to a vide grenier, or an "empty your attic"...basically a flea market.

We are headed to Banyuls-sur-Mer on Friday morning in order to be at the Mediterranean on Mossy's birthday (29th). This is close to the Spanish border. Then, a week after we will head up into the Pyrenees to Prades for a week. Then we're homeless for two days, so we shall see where we land. In there somewhere, we will go over to Aix-en-Provence, in-yes-Provence. That will be a one ay trip. We are not slated to have internet at either place so not sure how the whole blogging thing will work, but we'll try to get some info out.


  1. The group shots really put it all in context.. thanks for uploading so many pics..!

    Got a kick out of 'Where's Ruby' - sounds like she and H had a good time gettin' footloose... :) luckies.

    The boys and that bear - too super cute

  2. I have been reading your blog to Finn every night and we are really enjoying. We're hooked and are delighted whenever we log on and find another installment. I just love looking at the photos of everyone, including you and Jason. I can't get over how big the smile on Jason's face is whenever we get a glimpse of him.

    Thanks for the itinerary.

    That "empty your attic" thing sounds divine. Can't wait to read about what you bought.

  3. Missing you kids fierce today; examining photos for perceived changes we are missing out on. Hope you guys are soaking up every minute of loveliness and peace in that place...the joys of new places, faces, ways of life, pleasures...

  4. Really missed tonight's new blog. Can't wait for a new installment.

    Tell Mossy that I washed his panda, but it's still stinky so he's going into the wash for another round.