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27 May 2010

The Last Night in the Perigord

Thunderstorms over the Gite (and the Sechoir, straight ahead)

La Roque Gageac and Dordogne from Chateau Marqueyssac (the fancy gardens)

In the narrow streets of La Roque Gageac

Appetizer tapenades: artichoke, red peppers, black olive, sun dried tomato

Saving the duck fat for veg saute

...the veg

Duck breast roasted with a full bottle of Cotes du Rhone, full head of garlic, jambon and prunes

Giving Wheatfield's a run for their money...but only just

Strawberry tarte and Mossy's pre-Birthday

One last walk along the Ceou

Well, this is the end of internet as we know it. We'll try to get something out over the next two weeks. Send all your France-Bound friends to Ian and Ien's. It has been the most lovely, laid back, delicious and beautiful two weeks of our lives.


  1. How fun it was to look at the pics with Maggie and Steve & of your meals. Blog, I will miss you.

    If you happen to go on one more time before leaving and happen to read this today, please remind me of when you're going to be on the internet again?

  2. Wow!! That's some real good blogging. Looks like ya'll are having the time of your life. Viva La France! Is it starting to get crazy there with the World Cup right around the corner??

  3. Happy Birthday Moss-man!! Love Maddie and Auntie Liza

  4. Mossy, Kathy and I have been thinking of you today and hoping you are having a great birthday and it looks like it was. We love and miss you.

    In case you have a chance to contact us again, tell me how I can find the movie, Two Days in Paris (checked out on Kathy's card) and return it.

    Love again

  5. Don't worry, Jason. I returned your move a couple of days after you guys left. I'll go to the library tomorrow and make sure they record it.

    Happy late birthday, Mossy! P.S. I washed your panda bear and he's all clean and awaiting your return, as are the rest of us. Love. Aunt Rachel.