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21 May 2010

For a Man in Nebraska....

It is hard to imagine a more beautiful river than the Vezere. Remember that this river flows in and among one of the most concentrated areas of prehistoric human habitation, and if you have your finger on that pulse, you can feel it. Clear, crystal clear waters are edged with limestone cliff faces that continue long below the water's edge down into a deeply gouged river bed. A slow moving river that is punctuated with 5 metre long waving greens, river seaweed if you like, floating down with the current but anchored in sand hummocks and adorned with white flowers with yellow enters. Horses wander down to the water's edge and nibble on our lifejackets, snort actross the edge of our seats looking for crumbs. Rock shelters, or abri, were everywhere, and we could not help but pull the canoes up onto a rock ledge, scramble out and up the bank...looking up at the overhang, imagining what it would be like to escape the weather or look out over the river for what...? many millenia ago. Then, we would come upon the shallows, which we did many times, and leap out, tie the boats with the green river mermaid hair and look through the water, drawing up the stones and holding them just under the edge of the surface to make use of the magnifying property of the water. We found many beautiful stones and only when we leapt onto banks and strange moss grown rock shelters that we came upon flakes. Only a few, but we came upon them. This was such a roundly wonderful day. So I will try to just convey it in pictures:

Rubes (I'll give you a cookie if you be quiet), Mossy (I wanna go in Daddy's boat), Mama


  1. Oooooo ruby bring me a pony. I like the speckled one.

  2. Fantastic pictures!

    No one got smacked with a paddle?

    How totally cool to get on the water - I bet you could spend forever exploring caves along the water..

    Sigh.. :)

    Beautiful children.

  3. OMG, what a beautiful stream, what a lovely time, I loved floating the Blue with Dick and the canoe, silently, looking for deer, birds, and then watching them see you! What lovely rocks, are there artifacts?? worked stone??, what can you find??? And the children, what do they think?? Do they like this?? So much fun, watching their reactions, learning, Wow, I wish I was there!! Carol

  4. Another extraordinary day in Jason's paradise. I am so glad you "forced" him to take this leap of faith with you and go on the family trip of a lifetime.

    The pictures are great. I love the first one, it makes the river look like something out of mythology. How far is this place from the gite?

  5. The top picture is fabulous. I want a copy enlarged and mounted for my wall.
    Back home and just now catching up on all the pages that I missed while we were traveling to you.
    You make it seem much more romantic than it was in person. In real life it was just as the kids said; It felt so normal. So natural to be there.

    Now I want to go back and experience it all again.